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Things are still busy here at the MMPA Collective, as we adapt to this new normal of a socially distanced world we have still managed to get some exciting projects off! Below are some of our newest projects.

LA. based Pablo Sanders came back to his hometown of Canton,Ohio for his visual Cleveland Ave. Hustle ft. Bo. Bonds.
Pablo Sanders takes a moment to reflect in his visual TMC while also making the time to link up with his homies in the city.
TONS takes us through his day with a gritty visual for”330 Baby”

Tune into “situationships” a public access dating show where 3 contestants battle for the love of one women.

Jean P the MC teams up with DAMANGEDKIDS for a visual for J.J. off his album Say What You Mean.
Canton based artists Prospect and ThatKidFrom94’s single YEEYEEYEE.

Warm Regards – Static Res


Slowing down is a good thing at times, recognizing how to do so can be found in the simplest ways. Static Res needed to slow down, after finishing college and entering the workforce he found himself contemplating. How does one bridge the gap of adolescence? Juggling a blossoming, exciting phase of life where the youthful city of Columbus is responding to his craft with enthusiasm. It was the perfect chance to create a body of work, free of the constraints that come with college. Yet life moves fast and Static felt the pressure from all sides, causing a distracting tension, he needed to slow down but how?

Static 2.jpg

Static decided he would write his next project by hand, forcing himself to slow down. A practice with multiple upsides, Statics diction on Warm Regards presents examples of deliberate, focused song writing. Often contemplative and quick witted you can hear pages flip in tracks on the album. Static himself feels more of a personable experience when listening to his own lyrics on Warm Regards. “It made my handwriting better.” Static tells me as we sit in his dark bedroom listening over instrumentals he’s made. That was the indication to me that Static had found his sweet spot, he had been able to slow down and find fullfillment, in his own handwriting.


Static 3.jpgStatic 5.jpg



What We’ve Been Up To

It was a busy summer for us, we experienced changes and growth while managing to stay booked and locked in. For our first blog post in a few months we will share some of our recent work.

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30 Shots in 30 Seconds – MMPA Collective Projects

Broadwavy – The Intro

Jean P The MC – These Days and Times

Jean P The MC – 330 Kids


Jean P The MC – NADA

Love.v.x Feat. Jake Friel – Pink Sky

Love.v.x – I JUST

Love.v.x – Home Alone

C. Moore – Been Official 


Joke’s On You – Jèan P The MC

Often the question of “What goes into your writing process?” is asked to artists, sometimes that question can be hard to contextualize. For Jèan P The MC however, that question would probably be scratched off the list. This honesty in Jèan’s lyrics over the years has created a fragmented autobiographical portrait of his life. For a longtime listener like myself, Jèan’s lyrics provide insight to details of his life that others may find too difficult to share on such a platform. Joke’s On You is the culmination of the emcee exploring brute, self reflective honesty, paired with a deep understanding of his sound as a musician.


Twenty projects in, the masterful writing on Joke’s On You is presented with an extreme vulnerability in forms of poetic letters to his loved ones, colleagues and himself. In a selfish way it’s refreshing to hear such interpersonal reflection from another human.


One track in particular, Never Give Up is so profoundly true to Jean’s personal life that it makes you feel as though you are the therapist in the room while Jèan spills his emotions. Never Give Up allows for an understanding to be had as the listener, an understanding that is so closely attached to Jèan’s rawest of emotions that it can feel invasive. The open conversation to his son presents heartbreaking realities of not only his life but the lives of fathers and sons all across the world.


Jèan P The MC has continuously grown his brand and art into one of Canton, Ohio’s most respected movements. While the overwhelming honesty in his lyrics allow for such deep understanding of his personal life, one must note the genius in Jèan’s approach in creating a relatable, trustworthy, likeable role model for the city.


While the newfound support from the press and the city is fresh, Jèan’s curation of instrumentals and approach to the Hip-Hop industry has formed a timeless recognition, setting him apart from others in the city and state. With production from acclaimed such as Jay Swifa, LAKIM and Mydus the brass infused album holds hints of early 2000’s production. Jèan’s sound has consistently held a soulful aspect that can be tied to his mother’s involvement and love for music, Joke’s On You from beginning to end delivers those qualities while tapping into strong nostalgic hip-hop production concepts.


The album ultimately presents a double sided commentary, with thorough conceptualization regarding Jèan’s opinion on the current state of Hip-Hop, his personal life and the bleeding together of the two. It’s distinguished sound and masterful lyricism speaks for itself, leaving nothing unturned. Jean’s wise use of features, paid homage to underground legends and upcoming Ohio artists while remaining consistent to his style will continue to help his evolution as an artist.


You ca stream Jèan P The MC‘s music everywhere!

The risks of big data

It’s no secret that the entertainment industry has gone through a major change. Since the introduction of streaming, the advancement has been so rapid that when journalists and writers speak on the subject it almost sounds like a breakdown of a sci-fi film plot. Consumer information at the hands of corporations hold a significant value. The advertising and entertainment industries thrive off trends and mass consumption. The ability to receive information and entertainment in the palm of our hands is a blessing as well as a curse. It has inspired the masses to pursue their dreams, and the Like and Retweet allow us to feel significant immediately. It’s almost like the gratification of painting a new layer of paint on an old house: it gives one a sense of fulfillment. Except our instant gratification comes with a price.

The ability to share a passion and receive fulfillment on a mass scale has proven to be productive and problematic for the individual. Think of it this way: you grow up with a parent who is one of the most famous actors ever and in a city of excessive privilege where you could be misguided by the fictitious reality your parents laid for you. The expectation for greatness is so high for you that there is no excuse for not finding success. As any kid you also are subject to consuming entertainment, but for you it’s different. Upon consuming and gaining inspiration, you are influenced to act upon these aspirations. The romanization of finding fulfillment through a craft sits on a spectrum. For some that fulfillment is as simple as creating work that is therapeutic. With that comes an emotion and passion that is pure. This era of technology and entertainment has allowed for mass creation and mass consumption at equal rates. However, that mass produced, documented, and stored data can be sold for insight that the common creator wouldn’t have access too.

Going forward the question must be asked: how often are these analytics used to track consumer data that has been created under the impression of freedom? The cases in which major artist or brands have been outed for stealing concepts or work have gone relatively unnoticed. One example being the multiple times Jaden Smith has been outed by artist at all points in their career. This includes an artist who we’ve even worked with (love.v.x). Is there a risk in mixing sensationalism and entertainment and passing it off as artistry? Is the meaning of true expression being compromised for streams? Are artists like Jaden Smith using big data and consumer analytics to find their niche and voice as an artist? Is that playing dirty, or is Jaden Smith simply just an act?
Do you know an artist who has been ripped off by a major artist?

See all the times Jaden Smith has been accused of stealing artist work. Let us know what you think.
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