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Spend some time with Love.v.x as he works on his new album, collaborates with other artist, seeks inspiration in the mundane and takes care of one beautiful pup named Bella.

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Did Jaden Smith Steal This Artist Style? (video)

In August of 2018, Love.v.x released his debut album Love & Pain. The album presents a fresh sound that conveys a unique and ethereal mood. Love.v.x received great feedback from his album, listeners describing it as a stylized completion of work that broke barriers within the entertainment industry.

In November, Jaden Smith released his album Sunset Tapes : A Cool Tape Story. To Love.v.x’s surprise, the sounds and styles of some tracks were extremely similar to his own.

Love.v.x has always had respect for Jaden Smith and has been a vocal supporter of him and his brands on social media. This is not the first time Jaden Smith has been accused of biting a sound from another artist. In fact, there are 6-8 other valid complaints from artists such as Denzel Curry and Louis The Child.

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The risks of big data

It’s no secret that the entertainment industry has gone through a major change. Since the introduction of streaming, the advancement has been so rapid that when journalists and writers speak on the subject it almost sounds like a breakdown of a sci-fi film plot. Consumer information at the hands of corporations hold a significant value. The advertising and entertainment industries thrive off trends and mass consumption. The ability to receive information and entertainment in the palm of our hands is a blessing as well as a curse. It has inspired the masses to pursue their dreams, and the Like and Retweet allow us to feel significant immediately. It’s almost like the gratification of painting a new layer of paint on an old house: it gives one a sense of fulfillment. Except our instant gratification comes with a price.

The ability to share a passion and receive fulfillment on a mass scale has proven to be productive and problematic for the individual. Think of it this way: you grow up with a parent who is one of the most famous actors ever and in a city of excessive privilege where you could be misguided by the fictitious reality your parents laid for you. The expectation for greatness is so high for you that there is no excuse for not finding success. As any kid you also are subject to consuming entertainment, but for you it’s different. Upon consuming and gaining inspiration, you are influenced to act upon these aspirations. The romanization of finding fulfillment through a craft sits on a spectrum. For some that fulfillment is as simple as creating work that is therapeutic. With that comes an emotion and passion that is pure. This era of technology and entertainment has allowed for mass creation and mass consumption at equal rates. However, that mass produced, documented, and stored data can be sold for insight that the common creator wouldn’t have access too.

Going forward the question must be asked: how often are these analytics used to track consumer data that has been created under the impression of freedom? The cases in which major artist or brands have been outed for stealing concepts or work have gone relatively unnoticed. One example being the multiple times Jaden Smith has been outed by artist at all points in their career. This includes an artist who we’ve even worked with (love.v.x). Is there a risk in mixing sensationalism and entertainment and passing it off as artistry? Is the meaning of true expression being compromised for streams? Are artists like Jaden Smith using big data and consumer analytics to find their niche and voice as an artist? Is that playing dirty, or is Jaden Smith simply just an act?
Do you know an artist who has been ripped off by a major artist?

See all the times Jaden Smith has been accused of stealing artist work. Let us know what you think.
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Jaden Smith just stole a Louis The Child Beat
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Listen to Love.v.x – Lost
Listen to Jaden Smith – Distant

Digital Hell

The Digital Hell set involved  a suitcase full of essential gear, a mic, and the two Digital Hell members. The sound is invasive, confronting, emotional and witty. The harsh noise sounds mixed with a one-of-a-kind sampling process make for a unique yet nostalgic hip-hop sound.

My first time at a Digital Hell show I enjoyed the opening acts in a basement while sitting on a dryer. When asked about Digital Hell, Chay (Lil Ophelia) riffed off some thoughts: “We’re the Marlon Brando of noise rap, The Junie B Jones of noise.”

The pair have a mysterious and eclectic sound, style, and approach to making music. Although the demeanor of the group is relaxed, Digital Hell has a distinct vision for themselves: pure chaos.


Check out Digital Hell on SoundCloud and follow them on Twitter and Instagram

Stills from Digital Hell’s new music video R.I.P Kieslowski – coming soon.2018-12-13 (5).png2018-12-13.png2018-12-13 (2).png

60 Shots in 60 Seconds

In a world where easily consumable, instantly gratifying, and conveniently located material floods our social experience, we overlook the roots of the content. Marketing and branding happens “naturally” before our eyes. Personal brands are becoming more focused on keeping your attention by using this idea. The content appears in the consumers hand before they even know it.

For those who focus in content creation, this new style of marketing presents the opportunity to create at a rapid pace.  An example of how MMPA has utilized this idea is in our 30 Shots in 30 Seconds series. From this simple practice, we have landed clients who wanted to utilize this style in their own video projects.

If you have just one thing that can be turned into content for consumption, your options are endless.  We may have let go of that thought for a few months, but to be fair we were pretty busy 🙂


With that said here is 60 Shots in 60 Seconds. 


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Making a Shoe Prototype

Take a look into the process of creating a shoe prototype with industrial designer James Russo. James also recently has begun live streaming his workshops on Twitch.

This episode entails the process of making a shoe prototype. James started out with an orthographic sketch of the shoe then proceeded to add clay which forms the heel and toe. After it cured James reinforced it with tape. Then he taped it to make a pattern for the center structure. Lastly he then cut it and presented the pieces together.